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Sweet memories I bet you can relate too.... Top Five Pick & Mix Sweets

Do you remember these as a child? I know I do...... :)

Still today they bring back many childhood memories. Coming home from school with a 10p mix from our local sweet shop..... Filled with now today what we call retro sweets.
I still today remember the little white paper bag that would get all crinkled up in my pocket, as I had to wait until after my tea to open the exciting bag filled with milk bottles, flying saucers and jelly beans. These have to be my top favourite retro sweets ever.....



So here at Sweecandy, is our top five favourite sweets selected by our customers.

These have been based off our customers orders and their selected choices from our pick and mix pouches to our 1KG letter box sweets. Of course, there has been many hours test testing these sweets (which we have really enjoyed) to make sure we are only suppling the best sweets to our customers.

Number 1 - Haribo Jelly Beans

Haribo Jelly Beans 

These old national favourites, are bursting with flavours. Not forgetting the irresistible chewy centre. From sunshine yellow to frosty blues, these jelly beans come in almost every colour of the rainbow.

Number 2 - Haribo Rhubarb & Custard

Haribo Rhubarb & Custard Sweets

Multi coloured, fruity tubes, soft candy and filled with rhubarb and custard flavour. Every time I open these after a customer has selected them within our create your own ranges, the aroma hit's me, they are amazing!!! Give these a try, you will not be disappointed.

Number 3 - American Hard Gum's

Taverners Hard Gums

These cuddly, fruity, chewy gummy sweets, are 100% in our top five old favourites, filled with intensely exciting flavours, using only natural colourings. These sweets melt inside your mouth with: sugar-coated outer body, leaving you to chew through the mouth-wateringly soft centre, wanting more :)

Number 4 - Haribo Yellow Belly Snakes

Haribo Yellow Belly Snakes

These huge, Haribo yellow belly snakes, each measuring almost 30cm in length, have been a huge hit with our customers and have been Sweecandys monthly special for pouch June. These snakes are almost as rare as an anaconda in the Amazon, rarely found in shops, but yet we have them, with our customers buying these and certainly coming back for more!!!!


Number 5 - Chocolate Stars

White Chocolate Snowy Stars

With every premixed, pick n mixed order, these have been a must have. With a Christmas snowy look to them, dazzled with what we like to call the Northern Lights of colour, they are so scrummy. Ideal if you are a chocolate lover like us, these are also available within our chocolate pouch.

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