Bonbon - What are these old favourites?

Bonbon - What are these old favourites?

Mixed Bonbons

Did you know, the name bonbon arose from the reduplication of the meaning "Good" in French. And bonbon meaning "Candy".

Bonbons, originated from France in the 17th century, but not as we know them today. They were originally chocolate covered balls filled with either fruit or nuts!

It wasn't until the 18th century when the rest of Europe where able to have these old age classic sweets, which then where commonly used as gifts for festivals and holidays such as New Years Day.

The confusing thing about these sweets, is that originally they where confused with truffles.

But truffles are a chocolate based confection, usually made by starting with a chocolate ganache base/centre.

Bonbons on the other hand are not chocolates to begin with, they are a sweet confection that can stand alone.

So although food experts disagree on the definition of a bonbon, there are some common features.

1.They are a sweet candy or confection. 

2.They are round.

3.There is an outer shell (chocolate or hard) candy with a contrasting filling inside.


A sugar coated powdery ball of scrumptious flavours,

from Strawberry,

Strawberry Bonbons


Lemon Bonbons

Blue raspberry,

Blue Raspberry Bonbons


Apple Bonbons

and not forgetting the most retro original toffee bonbon.

Toffee Bonbons

Just like you remember all though years ago.

After the sugar coated candy dissolves in your mouth, you finally arrive to the delicious chewy, mouth workout of its soft chewy centre.


I have to say after tasting them all (of course) my upmost favourite, has to be the original toffee bon bon, yet I do have to admit of testing the strawberry and the toffee at the same time...A cotton candy flavour hit my senses every time!!!!

If you have never tried this, you will never know! 

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