Haribo Dummies?! What are they Really?!

Haribo Dummies?! What are they Really?!


These tangy, sour suckers have some rather deceiving stories behind them; nobody knows what they are. From mistaking them for keys and magnifying glasses, to believing them to be an extended version of the “Haribo rings”.

With some users, stating they’ve “known the truth about these fruity encapsulating gummy sweets for years”. Taking to the likes of Tik Tok to bring clarity for some bewildered sour sweet lovers.

After years of sleepless nights, I am here to explain what these popular sweet treats are all about.

As bizarre as it may sound they are “Dummies”: you’ll more doubtlessly recognise them by twisting the long end of the dummy through the ring of the sweet, to form this unique shape of a dummy.


Having personally explored this, I can assure you from the bottom of my heart that it works and in my opinion, enhances the experience of feasting your teeth into these chewy treats.  

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