Valentine's Day - Why Send Sweets To Your Special One!!

Valentine's Day - Why Send Sweets To Your Special One!!


With love in the air, buy your partner, secret admirer and loved ones the perfect gift today.

Here at Sweecandy we have delicately selected the most heart-throbbing, romantic sweets proven to stimulate taste buds for a complete sensation of pleasure.

Our heart-fluttering Valentine sweet favourites are comprised of only the most divine selection.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, what makes chocolate and strawberries the most perfect gift for this day of love?

Strawberry sweets and chocolate provide an essence of unprovoked love, creating a sensation of succulent delight as a way of sending the perfect message for the declaration of love. 

Dating back to 1861, where the match made in heaven between Valentine's Day and chocolate was first created by Cadbury. He had a desire to provide chocolate for all on this special day; in a time where only the wealthiest could indulge into this world of luxury. 

From then onwards, sweets of love and chocolate surprises have been a main character for this day for generations. Where now we can all live like the nobles of the past, and experience the feeling of angelic happiness and giving this feeling to those we love the most.

Our sexy-strawberry confectionary consists of the world renowned: 

Strawberry kisses, soft to the touch and unjustifiably romantic, a well-thought mixture between cream and strawberry to create this ultimate flavour of love. Credit where credit is due, this is the perfect combination of a chewy yet mouth-wateringly soft treat they are so divine. They easily take our number 1 spot this year. 

Heart Throbs, iconically delightful, symbolic of bliss in its purest form known for its most treasured texture, shape and bursting with flavour. The heart throbs are perfect for sharing between couples at the movies or taking a cheeky personal dive into pleasure alone making it our second most divine sweet this Valentines Day.


Happy Cherries, cherry flavouring and smell has been shown to stimulate the mind for love and giving, it's a natural flavour and one savoured across all generations. A fruity, yet blissful feeling of content can be created through these. They are my personal favourites as the cherries create such unparalleled love, and they look amazing.

Chocolate Hearts and Chocolate stars, these will melt your heart, providing a warm feeling of comfort and childhood memories ,and creating a craze for more. Chocolate of any kind is a particularly special gift for any couple on this magical day. What I personally adore with these tasty treats is it’s gift that keeps giving, even after a lengthy period of time the taste remains, creating this internal lust for more until complete satisfaction is acquired.

One last thing ..

Our hand-picked favourites will create the ultimate confection for partners, family and friends this Valentines. A gift for girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives etc for Valentines day, create your own tradition of confection this year, and give them the perfect satisfaction of love. These are the gifts that keep giving, and we’ll always be back here for when you return.

All of these treats and more are available on the Create Your Own Range, pick out their or your own personal favourites, for this Valentines Day!

Written By Liam Saunders

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